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The e-STUDIO 306LP/RD 30 houses Intelligent Green MFP Technology with the built in erasing system, allowing users to refill their paper tray five times with the same paper.
RD 30 is able to sort paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time as removing the toner color, and to digitize the documents prior to erasing.
Lower ecological foot print of every e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 MFP
Incorporate bio-based plastics which are made from raw materials extracted from plants, into this innovative re-usable paper MFP.
Helps enterprises to adopt business strategies that contribute to sustainable development.

Spesifikasi Mesin Fotocopy TOSHIBA e-STUDIO RD30 :

Type: Console
Erasing Method: Twin Heat Roller Duplex Hearting Method
Scanning Method: Single-pass Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
Scan Sensor: CCD Line Sensor
Warm-up Time (20 ˚C / 68 ˚F)
Approx. 40 seconds (Approx. 12 seconds from Energy Saving Mode)
Memory: DDR3 SDRAM: 2 GB (Main Memory), SSD: 8GB (Storage)
Power Requirements and Power Consumption
AC 220 - 240 V, 8 A (50/60 Hz): 1.5 kW or less
AC 120 V, 12 A (50/60 Hz): 1.5 kW or less
Operating Environment
Temperature: 10 - 30 ˚C / 50 - 86 ˚F, Humidty: 20 - 85 % (No Condensation)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 470 mm x 470 mm x 825 mm / 18.5" x 18.5" x 32.5"
Garansi Resmi: 1 Tahun
Paper Feed Tray
Loading Capacity
Max. Stack Height: 15 mm / 0.6 inches (Approx. 100 sheets*;
A4 / Letter, 80 gsm / 20 lbs)
Acceptable Paper Size: A4, A5, B5 or Letter, Statement-R
Acceptable Paper Weight: 64 - 80 gsm / 17 - 20 lbs (Plain Paper)
Erase (Standard)
Erase Speed (A4/Letter)
Erase only: 30 sheets/minute*2
(Simplex: 30 pages/minute*2, Duplex: 60 pages/minute*2)
Erase & Sort/Scan: 15 sheets/minute
(Simplex: 15 pages/minute, Duplex: 30 pages/minute)
Sort (Standard)
Upper Drawer (for Reusable Paper)
Max. Stack Height: 48.6 mm / 1.9 inches
(Approx. 400 sheets*3; A4 / Letter, 80 gsm / 20 lbs)
Lower Drawer (for Non-reusable Paper)
Max. Stack Height: 14 mm / 0.6 inches
(Approx. 100 sheets*3; A4 / Letter, 80 gsm / 20 lbs)
Scan (Standard)
Resolution: 100, 150, 200, 300 dpi
Scan Speed
15 sheets/minute
(Simplex: 15 pages/minute, Duplex: 30 pages/minute)
Multiple Scanning: Up to 125
Color Modes: Full Color, Gray scale, B&W, Blue Original
File Formats: TIFF, PDF, Slim PDF, JPEG
Scan Functions
Scan to USB, Scan to Network Shared Folder (SMB, Web DAV), Management Scan
System & Security
Device Management
Top Access for Remote Administation and Configuration (Incl. Reuse Count Settings)
System Features
10 Public Templates and 10 Private Templates per User for Storage of Personalised Settings and Workflows, Energy Save Modes
Accounting & Security
LDAP Support, 1,000 Department Codes & 10,000 User Codes,
Card Reader, IP and MAC Address Filter, Port Filter, Support of SSL Protocols

Barang100% Baru dan Asli. Tersedia Spare Part. Jaminan Service Center. Sedia TrainingCara Pakai*.

Mesin Fotocopy
Ukuran Kertas A4
Fitur Copy, Print
Kapasitas Kertas 150 - 250 Lembar

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